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Current Issue : Vol 12, No. 1, June 2005
Articles: President's Corner : What Have We Learned : Word on the Street : Got Opinions?
President: James L. Pedigo, Jr.
Newsletter Chairs: Ellen C. Carlson

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President’s Corner
The 2005-2006 term of the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association has begun. The 2004-2005 term was very successful under the leadership of Robert Van Arsdale. Thanks, Robert, for a job well done!

I also would like to thank Karen Crowley for planning and organizing the staff appreciation social. Each year ’ s social is better than the last, and this year was no exception. The witty Chuck Marcus turned in an outstanding performance as master of ceremonies, and, once again, the “ Van Crowsdales ” provided us with inspired entertainment.

Hearty thanks also are due to Steve Richards and Daniel Blanks for putting together an excellent and informative annual seminar. In addition to being educational, the seminar was entertaining as well. Dan Blanks and Kimberly Stegall will be organizing this session ’ s seminar, which will focus on the new legislation recently signed by the President.

As you know, your Board members are very busy in their professional and personal lives, and sacrifice precious time to serve the organization. Because of their hard work, the association enjoys great success. Any suggestions on how we can serve you better are appreciated, and volunteers are even more appreciated. Give anyone on the Board a call to find out how you can become involved.

What Have We Learned
At the end of his newscast on MSNBC, Keith Oberlander, until recently, sought to answer viewers’ questions based on news stories he himself had reported during the week's broadcasts. In this new section of our newsletter, we are going to give the concept a whirl.

The 2005 session of the General Assembly, and the follow-on veto session, now have ended, and General Assembly has changed some laws we bankruptcy petitioners see regularly in our practice.

First, Va. Code § 34-17 (1950, as amended ) has been amended to eliminate a stumbling block that continues to hex practitioners throughout Virginia. Effective July 1, 2005, a homestead deed must be filed on or before the fifth day after the date the meeting of creditors is held (Query: what date applies
if the meeting is continued for some reason?).

Second, Va. Code § 34-29 (1950, as amended) has been amended to increase the exemption for disposable earnings from garnishment. Third, Va. Code § 34-34 (1 950, as amended) has been amended to increase the exemption of retirement funds from an amount that provides an annual benefit of $17,500 to an amount that provides an annual benefit of $25,000.

Word on the Street
Jeff Marks and his wife welcomed their second daughter, Lauren Elizabeth Marks, on March 22, 2005. Congratulations!

Jim Pedigo is coming back strong from his quadruple bypass and sends his appreciation and thanks for all the kind words and cards he received during his recuperation.

Pete Zemanian established his own law office - focused on bankruptcy, loan defaults/workouts, collections/lien enforcement, and commercial agreements - at 600 Town Point Center, 150 Boush Street, Norfolk, 622-0090, as of March 1, 2005. 622- 0090.

Got Opinions?
Judges Adams and St. John have generously authorized the TBBA to circulate copies of selected local opinions to its membership. This service is free of charge to TBBA members and is currently facilitated by Pete Zemanian. If you have not already signed up with the service, please complete the form below and fax it to Sherrie McCloud at (757) 628-5566. Please note that if you are a former subscriber to the prior mail subscription service and have previously registered for this new electronic service, you need not re-apply.