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Current Issue : Vol 11, No. 3, Aug. 2004
Articles: President's Corner : Word on the Street : The Lighter Side : Need CLE Credit
President: Robert B. Van Arsdale
Newsletter Chairs: Kimberly L. Stegall and Ismael Calderon

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President’s Corner
Annual Seminar is here again!

It's that time of year. Thanksgiving is over, and it's time for the Tidewater Bankruptcy Bar Association's Annual Conference. This will be our 13th Annual Conference, and it is sure to be great.

Morgan D. King will be sharing with us his considerable knowledge about discharging taxes in bankruptcy cases. His book, “Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy” is the defining work on that subject and is used extensively by practitioners, enrolled agents, trustees, and the IRS. We are fortunate to have him come speak to us on this subject.

We are also fortunate to have Colonel John S. Odom, Jr., come and address us on the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Particularly in our geographic area, a lack of knowledge about all the benefits that a member of the military may derive from this act is a dangerous thing.

Steve Richards and Dan Blanks have been working hard for months to bring together a program that has something for everyone. Please come and see the results of this hard work. We think you will be well rewarded for attending.
While we are proud to sponsor our annual seminar, the TBBA in 2004 has brought you more than a single seminar. Jeff Marks has seen that we have eaten well and have been entertained and enlightened by our luncheon speakers. As an extra added feature, two of those luncheon talks earned CLE credits for those attending.

Kimberly Stegall and Ismael Calderon have kept us informed about the happenings in the bar with newsletters that are now delivered electronically in a new format.

Alex Pincus generously pitched in to work out another “Night with the Tides” this year, and John Ryan has done a wonderful job updating the website.

Jim Pedigo put in his two cents worth when treasurer Ellsworth Summers relocated to Florida; a past treasurer himself, Jim agreed to keep the books in Ellsworth’s absence.

We are also looking forward to a staff social, and after producing last year’s smash success, we cannot think of anyone better to plan this year’s than Karen Crowley.

If you haven’t signed up yet for the seminar, please do so at once. It is a great way to get your CLE credits and support your association at the same time.

See you at the Conference at the Norfolk Airport Hilton on Friday!

Word on the Street
Congratulations to Karen and Tim Crowley on the birth of Alyssa, their fourth child, this past August. We’re glad to see that mom and Alyssa are doing well.

We also send our very best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Doug Foley on the birth of John Francis Miles Foley on October 1, 2004 (8lbs., 11ozs., 20.5 inches long). We are confident that Gabrielle and Camille are going to be wonderful big sisters to John.

We also tip our hats to Cecelia Ann Weschler and the Office of the United States Trustee for a job well done on the production of The Nitpick Papers. Many thanks to our other colleagues for their participation and effort.

If you have any congratulations that we may have overlooked or suggestions on how we can serve and inform you better, please let us know. E-mail kstegall@wilsav.com or icalderon@dmmlegal.com.

The Lighter Side
Dashing into court
On a recent Motions Day
Past the Guards I go
Throwing my phone away.

Stumbling into Court
I make it just in time.
“Have you seen Alex Pincus?”
“Don’t you see the line?”

Jingle bells, Jingle bells!
No payments have been made.
I have in hand my client’s check –
The funds are good today. (I think!)

Jingle bells, Jingle bells!
My client wants to pay.
Just the same he’ll need some time . . .
Perhaps ‘till next pay day. (All rise!)

Now the Judge comes in.
My client’s not in sight.
Need a pay history?
“I faxed it just last night.”

I need to buy some time.
Foreclosure’s what I fear.
My brilliant legal argument
Won’t help if he’s not here.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells!
Creditors want their cash.
Just because the debtor won’t pay –
There’s no need to be brash.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells!
This case is surely dead.
I’m 0-for-2 in court today –
I should have stayed in bed.

Back at the office now –
My client’s on the line.
He’s sorry he missed court today –
He thought I wouldn’t mind.

His case has now been closed.
His money’s at an end.
“Just ask the Judge to reinstate.”
Well, here we go again!

Need CLE credit?
Please join us at the 13th Annual Bankruptcy Bar Conference later this week! It’s the perfect way to reconnect with colleagues and get a jump start on your CLE requirements for the upcoming year. This annual program has been developed by the TBBA to provide an affordable, local seminar of superior quality that provides updates on the law, practice tips, and strategies for practitioners involved in the practice of bankruptcy law.

Schedule for Seminar:
8:00 – 9:00 a.m. Registration
9:00 – 10:30 a.m. Recent Case Law Developments - Tom Repczynski, Esquire; Mark Leffler, Esquire
10:30 – 10:45 a.m. Break
10:45 – 12:15 p.m. Discharging Taxes in Bankruptcy - Morgan King, Esquire
12:15 – 1:15 p.m. Lunch
1:15 – 2:45 p.m. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act - Colonel John S. Odom, Jr.
2:45 – 3:00 p.m. Break
3:00 – 3:45 p.m. Preference Defenses - Karen Crowley, Esquire
3:45 – 4:45 p.m. Ethical Issues and Considerations with Respect to Case Management and Electronic Case Filing
-The Hon. Stephen C. St. John; The Hon. David H. Adams; Douglas M. Foley, Esquire; Robert V. Roussos, Esquire